NearPoint archives email to schedule

NearPoint archives email to schedule

December 22, 2008: Mimosa Systems has announced a Retention and Classification Option (RCO) for its Nearpoint product that provides the ability to intelligently and automatically classify and tag archived content.

It promises to lower storage costs and expedite eDiscovery by enabling intelligent, consistent, automated management of user-generated content based on policy.

The new option uses granular business rules to automatically set retention periods and apply specific tags to content. These tags can drive multiple actions such as marking a piece of content as potentially responsive to an ongoing investigation or legal matter, or explicitly declaring content a business record as part of the company file plan.

It classifies any content coming into the archive based on business rules such as sender, receiver, phrases, keywords, numbers in the body, attachment, or file.

New policies or changes to existing policy can be applied to historical content in place in the NearPoint archive, without re-archiving the original content.

“To better manage storage costs and expedite eDiscovery, companies are eager to institute more granular classification and retention policies,” said Scott Whitney, vice president of product management for Mimosa Systems.

“Mimosa NearPoint RCO gives companies an automated retention management solution that is more consistent, defensible and executable so that they can eliminate the need for manual classification. And, by classifying content, organizations can benefit from dramatic storage cost reduction advantages by eliminating content that is not important to their business.”

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