Recommind makes Decisiv move

Recommind launches Decisiv Email 2.3

February 6, 2009: The process of tagging, filing, and storing email has jumped ahead with Decisiv Email 2.3, the latest version of Recommind's email-categorisation product

Included in this release are automated contacts management, enhanced search options and integration with Interwoven’s WorkSite Document Management System (DMS).

Decisiv Email 2.3 automatically tags, organizes and files email messages and attachments with a single click by the user, enabling secure, instant access to unstructured information.

Decisiv Email iis claimed to reduce the email storage footprint by up to 80% over traditional email archiving systems.

Automatic syncing and creation of new client/matter folders provides seamless project management across key applications, including Microsoft Outlook, Decisiv Email and major DMS systems.

Other new features and benefits of Decisiv Email 2.3 include: * Improved ease of filing, including improvements to auto-suggestion; * Improved contact management - new address book gleans address and contact information directly from emails; * Improved options for browsing, sorting and viewing data; * Enhanced capabilities for full-text and phrase-based search; * Increased efficiency, ability to perform repetitive actions more quickly; * Performance improvements on both the server and client side.

“In most organizations, the majority of email is never filed, because people can’t keep up with dragging the same emails from the same client to the same folder over and over and over again,” said Robert Tennant, CEO, Recommind.

“Decisiv Email handles all the tedious work of tagging and filing email-based information behind the scenes, so the user never has to think about it.”

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