Web video gets personal

Web video gets personal

May 12, 2009:Equilibrium has announced a Software as a Service (SaaS) offering to allow for easy deployment of personalised delivery of video on a Web site.

The EQ Network enables content owners to deploy quickly a Media Delivery Bar that can personalise video experiences to web, wireless and mobile devices on-the-fly, without any pre-processing.

Equilibrium's Media Delivery Bar provides Website video content owners with the tools to hyper-target advertisements to individuals based on voluntary demographic information they supply. The Media Deliver Bar can be installed on any web page that contains video content within minutes, without requiring additional infrastructure costs or changes for the content owner or advertiser.

The Media Delivery Bar is easy to customise and assign to any video, providing either personalised advertising and/or sponsored viewing experiences in four simple steps through any EQ Network enabled site:

(1) Viewers first choose the video and device to be delivered to,

(2) opt in to share demographic information,

(3) the requested video is automatically properly formatted without having to be pre-loaded into the Ad-Per-View system, and then

(4) targeted video ads are inserted and delivered to the viewers' existing Internet video player, wireless or mobile device.

Advertising, sponsors and IDs are also inserted on-the-fly into pre-roll, mid-stream or post-roll positions. The EQ Network's scalable Ad-Per-View technology automatically optimises video content for billions of existing mobile devices, Internet video players and new ones as they become available.

"After many years of intensive research and development, we are pleased to offer the EQ Network to content owners and advertisers to automate the heavy lifting and time consuming content assembly, ad insertion and deployment tasks, while simultaneously insuring that every ad impression is relevant, effective, counted and monetised through the use of our Media Delivery Bar," said Sean Barger, CEO of Equilibrium.

For more information and for a step-by-step video to see how the EQ Network andMedia Delivery Bar work, visit EQ Network: http://eqnetwork.com/network/overview/

Local pricing and information at http://www.databasics.com.au/equilibrium/

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