Research boost for NZ search firm

New Zealand software company Pingar is looking to advance its concept for dynamic publishing with the announcement of a major joint R&D project by the University of Wales and University of Waikato.

John Beer, Co-Founder of Pingar said the collaborative research announcement was an important part of the ongoing development of Pingar's search capability.

"Pingar recently launched its advanced search capability at the Microsoft SharePoint Conference in Las Vegas. We received an overwhelming response, leading to a big uptake from major global resellers and other key users in government and industrial sectors. Pingar's ongoing commitment to further enhance the functionality of our search engine algorithm means that we will actively pursue collaborative R&D ventures like this one with the University of Wales," says Beer.

Pingar's solution goes inside data documents, finds the content the user is seeking and then places it into a dynamically generated PDF document, rather than just presenting a list of links like the traditional search model.

"In Las Vegas, Pingar demonstrated how its product increased worker productivity in the enterprise search space. It generated real interest by delivering an improved quality of search result in seconds; resulting in significant cost savings for the enterprise," says Beer.

Professor Marc Clement, Senior Vice Chancellor of the University of Wales says that they are delighted to be jointly working with the University of Waikato in New Zealand to research advanced algorithms for the Pingar search engine.

"We are very pleased to collaborate with Pingar and the University of Waikato to develop additional research that takes the company's technology further as a world-class, leading application," says Professor Clement.