Breaking News

Eastman Software has announced it has been awarded a US$5.1 million contract from the US Social Security Administration.

Brighton Beach Software has released BBS.DocFlow 1.0 for Windows.

A Melbourne-based hypertext and Internet development company has released MailO, an email archival and retrieval system.

When disaster struck Bankstown City Council in the form of a fire in the council chambers, a wonderful document management opportunity rose from the ashes.

Document Management Extensions (DME) for Microsoft Exchange is a new third-party application which is designed to be integrated with the Windows environment.

Creative Pacific has released a rewritable CD technology with the introduction of the Nomai 680.RW disc drive.

Fujifilm has developed a system which allows pictures to be downloaded straight onto the home computer via a standard floppy disk.

Epson has announced the release of the Stylus Colour 300 inkjet printer.

Standards Australia has released a Y2K handbook.

HP is to begin work on a jukebox able to handle CD-size media, such as DVDs.