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Westpac has undertaken one of the largest installations of computer output to laser disc (COLD) technology to date in the Asia Pacific region.

Knowledge management is a difficult notion to grasp, but the industry all agrees on its strategic importance.

IIM98 will incorporate a conference, a workshop and an industry expo into its program.

A professional development opportunity for members of the Institute of Engineers (IE) is to be held in conjunction with the IIM'98 Asia/Pacific Conference and Exhibition.

A knowledge management forum, to be held from September 1-2 in Sydney, will feature experts and practitioners of knowledge management both in this country and internationally.

Eastman Software has released its Imaging for Windows Professional Edition version 2.0.

General guidelines for improving OCR/ICR accuracy and achieving effective forms processing.

Brief news items on FileNet, PAFEC and Tower Technology.

A Sydney firm which publishes legal source information, is to release its consolidated corporations law across the Internet.

Butterworths Australia is staking a claim as one of the world's largest publishers of original legal works in electronic format.