Breaking News

The National Native Title Tribunal (NNTT) has selected DOCS Open and RecordMANAGER as its preferred document and records management systems.

A survey of corporate email use indicates that more than 35 per cent of all emails sent from offices are of a personal nature.

In the pursuit of knowledge - and fewer research hours - innovative law firm Phillips Fox has shown the way for future KM systems.

Plasmon has announced the release of NetReady, an out of the box network integration solution.

A guide to the legal nature of email and other electronic documents

The Inso Corporation has released Quick View Plus (QVP) for Unix which provides a true WYSIWYG view of documents and other files.

MARC IT Systems Australia has announced the release of MARC version 2.0 for Windows which allows one computer to control up to 64 others.

Ausdoc Information Management and the University of South Australia have announced the winner of this year's scholarship in the graduate Diploma in Information Studies (Corporate Information and Records Management).

The latest in scanning equipment

Seagate Software has announced the release of Seagate Worksheet, a new full featured OLAP client tool.