Breaking News

Eastman Kodak has introduced the Kodak Professional DCS 410, the company's lowest-priced, high-resolution digital camera.

A CD-based document retrieval system improved response times for CSR Construction Materials.

Many organisations are only now just getting to grips with the AS4390 which was introduced last February.

SCSI Corporation has dramatically dropped the prices of its CD-ROM rack systems and its CD-ROM server systems.

Iomega Corporation announced the development of a slimmer version of its internal Zip drive for notebook computers.

The president of AIIM International, John Mancini, qualified his statements about the future of document management by quoting these these classic clangers.

It would seem that a huge (SOHO) market exists for tape drive manufacturers to offer cheap and reliable tape backup.

The Sharp "WideNote" is equipped with a high-resolution LCD that measures 11.2" in width and has the same 16:9 aspect ratio found in cinema screens.

The WideCom Group has established a marketing alliance with TCG Systems.