Breaking News

Canon has released a complete turnkey solution including application software, a high-speed scanner and optical storage system.

SCSI Corp, in partnership with Canon, Yamaha and IMR, has announced the Scan2CD Gold Duplex scanning bundle.

Rasterex International has introduced a software toolkit for distributing information on CD-ROM.

Unisys Australia has entered into an agreement with the Australian Golf Union for a national computerised handicapping system for amateur golf.

Computervision Australia will be known as CV Services International following the purchase of its Open Systems Solutions business by JF Lehman & Company.

The fourth annual conference on electronic document management is being held in Sydney in March.

Convergent Group Asia-Pacific has announced the integration of gdsData Manager with the Cimage DM-Netproduct.

Some organisations are opting to use Wang products because of its alliance with Microsoft, including the Hobart City Council.

Cardlink Services is the first organisation in Australia to utilise the capabilities of the Kodak Digital Science Library Services.

Hewlett-Packard has announced the fully functional 24GB DAT drive based on the new Digital Data Storage-3 (DDS-3) format.