Breaking News

Creative Pacific has released a rewritable CD technology with the introduction of the Nomai 680.RW disc drive.

Fujifilm has developed a system which allows pictures to be downloaded straight onto the home computer via a standard floppy disk.

Epson has announced the release of the Stylus Colour 300 inkjet printer.

Standards Australia has released a Y2K handbook.

HP is to begin work on a jukebox able to handle CD-size media, such as DVDs.

StorageTek has announced a worldwide strategic relationship with Hewlett-Packard.

Faced with the problem of paperwork far exceeding inhouse image capture capabilities, an industrial supplier looked outside.

American Express achieved enormous efficiencies in its call centre through the integration of information management technologies.

Telstra's float created the single largest time-based imaging project ever seen in Australia.

iManage Network is a document management system for popular operating system environments.