Document & Records Management

A document management application is to be integrated into enterprise resource planning systems from SSA Global Technologies. The Pacific arm of SSA Global Technologies has signed an agreement to distribute FormTrap from TCG Information Systems.

Retention and disposal schedules from the Australian Record Retention Manual are now available in a format that can be imported into the Tower Software document management solution TRIM.

A local software company, Marquee, is aiming its new insurance management solution at the Australian market.

Advanced Data Integration secured two contracts with both the Victorian and Queensland state governments, bringing $1million into the Queensland based company.

Enron documents reveal that the company was involved in tax evasion. The Senate Finance Committee released its report into the collapse of the energy giant yesterday in the United States.

India's software industry is booming, with exports reaching 340 billion rupees for the last three quarters of 2002; yet Australian software developers are not phased by India's growth, they respect their Asian partners, but do not see their...

The domination of the mobile phone handset market by Nokia and Ericsson indicates that Scandinavians are not shy when it comes to adopting technology. Sweden's Statskontoret, they're equivalent to VERS or GSAS, has signed an agreement with ...

The Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) will today undertake an extensive project involving relocation of its archives. Originally housed in the building at the corner of Pitt Street and Martin Place in Sydney, the archives will be shifted...

The "if all else fails, read the manual" adage seldom rings true, as instructions often confuse more people than they help, according to Dr. Cecile Paris of the CSIRO.

If the taster to Integrative Document and Content Management, the book written by Michael Middleton and Len Asprey in the November/December issue of Image & Data Manager wet your appetite, you can now buy the tome online.