Document & Records Management

PICS will hold a series of email workshops, which will act as a practical guide for understanding and effectively using email for business processes.

EmU Tech has announced the release of its new Internet email screening software.

WebSecure Technologies has released a software package for the management of external mail systems.

The Australian Information Industry Association (AIIA) and the Australian Data Capture Association (ADCA) have announced their decision to merge.

Streamlining accounts and eliminating paper using document management improves efficiency for a major poultry producer

Knowledge management has resulted in improved communication for Education Victoria.

The latest move in healthcare is to apply contemporary information management techniques for not only patient records, but also patient care.

The Collaborative Health Informatics Centre (CHIC) is a national not-for-profit organisation whose focus is to improve patient care and business processes in the health sector through the application of appropriate information technologies.

The 1999 Health Informatics Conference aims to bring together vendors and health professionals to share insights about the special information requirements of the health sector.

As well as the needs of the doctor, HIC 99 is taking the opportunity to explore the relationship between information management and specific groups of the healthcare profession.