Document & Records Management

Hummingbird is preparing the most ambitious portal software yet; this is a preview of its beta version.

Most business intelligence vendors have portals now, but none have gone as far as Hummingbird.

Plumtree Software has released modules for embedding Onyx's CRM capabilities in the Plumtree Corporate Portal.

IBM has released a portal product which could subvert the KM efforts of its own subsidiary, Lotus Development.

SAP has officially launched its enterprise information portal initiative in the Asia/Pacific region.

Integration is the new focus for e-commerce firms that are learning how to add KM and CRM elements to customer-centric portals.

FileNET's new Web Publisher software is designed to meet the company's aim of helping businesses publish "e-content" to internal and external Web sites.

Eastman Software has mixed some of the benefits of sophisticated CRM in its update to its Enterprise Report Management (ERM) tool to help companies develop a successful e-business.

Hewlett-Packard has signed an alliance with ISIS Communications to provide content and other work to build on HP's "e-services" vision.

Some industries are starting to set up a public key infrastructure (PKI) to use digital signatures to secure electronic documents.