Document & Records Management

MDY Business Solutions has launched its flagship records management product FileSurf.

Document management vendors and Web development firms have turned their attention to content management with innovative solutions.

BroadVision has set up an Australian office and announced it will acquire document management vendor, Interleaf.

Athentica's PageVault software can control printing, copy/paste, and even make it impossible to forward a document by e-mail.

Companies should not believe that they can wait and see how the Internet would be a "disruptor" to their industry.

IXOS-ExchangeARCHIVE migrates email text and attachments onto low-cost optical media.

Xerox has unveiled MobileDoc, a software application that allows a user to fax and email documents from mobile phones, handheld computers and pagers.

Knowledge Partners has acquired the customer base and key staff members of Systematics Information Systems.

A new association for promoting forums for information management professionals has been set up to cater for the human resources sector.

The Institute for Information Management's (IIM) annual conference and exhibition will explore the strategies to gain competitive advantages through the digital community the Internet has engendered.