Document & Records Management

A costly gizmo or the answer to document distribution?

Would you believe that 83 per cent of people are unhappy with their jobs? Well, it's true, according to a report produced by Spherion Group which surveyed more than 700 people on its Web Site.

The future of information management could be filled with leasing deals and vendor financing, as services become the new focus.

Records managers trade wisdom from their mortal combat with

The unobtrusive and unassuming field of taxonomy has had another weapon added to its armoury with the launch of the aka application from Australian consulting firm Synercon.

Transcom's RDP tool converts tacit knowledge to reusable code in

Shredding scandals are landing lawyers - and other professionals - in ethical quandaries worthy of a John Grisham novel.

As the blood of IT professionals, management consultants and financial services professionals continues to spill on the streets of Australian business, under the guise of "cutting costs," one wonders when it will end and who'll be left to s...

Conference-goers hear of HealthConnect project for database-driven industry-wide intranet.

A costly gizmo or the answer to document distribution?