Document & Records Management

Key achievements in Bankstown City Council's IT systems upgrade

The historically separate worlds of records and document management are merging at an ever increasing pace.

As the price-performance ratio of computing systems improves, applications for sophisticated information management are coming within the reach of the small to medium enterprise.

Document Management Extensions (DME) for Microsoft Exchange is a new third-party application which is designed to be integrated with the Windows environment.

Brighton Beach Software has released BBS.DocFlow 1.0 for Windows.

iManage Network is a document management system for popular operating system environments.

A Melbourne-based hypertext and Internet development company has released MailO, an email archival and retrieval system.

When a call centre is linked with an information management system, far greater levels of efficiency and customer service can be achieved.

Stac has established a strategic alliance with US-based BMC Software to deliver business server recovery solutions.

An overview of knowledge management concepts, based on the focus of the 1998 Dephi Corporate Instinct Conference