Document & Records Management

The document management industry is going from strength to strength.

David Lilley has been a leader in the fight to get appropriate records management practices built into Y2K remediation projects at the NSW Department of Fair Trading.

The National Archives Authority follows the States into defining a standard for government records.

The Supreme Courts of both New South Wales and Victoria have issued recommendations that lawyers use digital document formats instead of paper when they need to exchange hundreds of pages.

Introduction to a feature on portals and the companies which are producing them.

Overview of portal suppliers and their products.

Portal is a buzzword, but that doesn't mean it should be dismissed out of hand.

The start of the hype about the enterprise information portal (EIP) concept has been credited to a report released on 16 November 1998 by two analysts from Merrill Lynch.

Most organisations today are poorly positioned to take advantage of the recent proliferation of rich internal corporate information sources.

Success stories of KM are mounting, but the nature of problems to be overcome has changed little in the last year.