Document & Records Management

Some industries are starting to set up a public key infrastructure (PKI) to use digital signatures to secure electronic documents.

Kyocera has purchased the copier and fax machine maker Mita Industrial in a bid to strengthen its position in the office equipment market.

The sixth annual Document and Records Management user forum in February offers strategies and practical examples of how to integrate these technologies within a business to protect information assets.

Two one-day IM workshops in February/March are aiming to help users to develop strategies as the basis of e-commerce, online publishing, knowledge management and customer service.

Two conferences examine CRM and its integration with other system components.

Microsoft and Sydney-based developer CompuTechnics have formed an alliance to promote knowledge management solutions.

Concord Australia has been awarded nearly $500,000 for a research and development grant.

Insight Technologies will combine its knowledge management expertise with the e-commerce experience of Web development firm Zivo, in an alliance supported by Microsoft.

Two separate deals show vendors are aligning with local KM integrators.

Open Text has announced the latest release of its intranet-based application, LiveLink.