Document & Records Management

Executive Computing Group (ECG) is integrating business intelligence and document management software into a single interface.

IBM has taken its cue from the methods of passing down ancient legends via storytelling to distribute knowledge to its 100,000 employees around the world.

Storytelling is a powerful tool in the knowledge management arsenal.

Maxamine International has started its push into the US market.

As BroadVision moves into Australia with its blend of e-commerce and knowledge management, IDM talked to its CEO, Pehong Chen.

New Zealand Post has taken a 35 per cent stake in Wellington-based software developer Silent One.

The EDM New Zealand 2000 conference will explore EDM, e-commerce and Internet-enabled document delivery specifically within an NZ context.

Brendan Scott explores the problems caused by the explosion in email use in the workplace.

Document management is not a dusty technology confined to the back office, it is an essential part of e-business, says Ovum in its latest report.

Irish developer SoftCo has gained two thirds of the Irish document management market, and it is exporting its solutions to the Asia-Pacific region.