Document & Records Management

Computron Software's Version 4 won a Best of Show award at the major international event for imaging and workflow, AIIM '98.

Insight Technology has won a $250,000 contract from the ACT's Land Titles Office to supply a new imaging system.

Staffware has formed an alliance with Insight Technologies Asia Pacific to enable Staffware's workflow product to be integrated with Insight's DM System.

Six months after our first feature on knowledge management (KM), we find the concept is gathering steam.

A recent report by the Electronic Commerce Expert Group goes some way to determining what makes an electronic document acceptable as an "original".

Knowledge management is not meant to be easy. Pioneering Australian users talk about the traps for all players.

The evolutionary approach to applying document management systems into KM has been adopted by Deakin University, Victoria.

Knowledge management is a difficult notion to grasp, but the industry all agrees on its strategic importance.

A definition of knowledge management

The most advanced of the technologies which are enabling KM is called the "knowledge server", examples of which are Fulcrum Technologies' Knowledge Network (KN), and Insight Technologies' Knowledge Server (IKS).