Document & Records Management

iManage Network is a document management system for popular operating system environments.

A Melbourne-based hypertext and Internet development company has released MailO, an email archival and retrieval system.

When a call centre is linked with an information management system, far greater levels of efficiency and customer service can be achieved.

Stac has established a strategic alliance with US-based BMC Software to deliver business server recovery solutions.

An overview of knowledge management concepts, based on the focus of the 1998 Dephi Corporate Instinct Conference

An interview with consultant Tom Koulopoulos, who discusses the evolution of IT systems into a corporate knowledge resource.

Panel members at the 1998 Dephi Corporate Instinct Conference

Keynote speakers at the `998 Delphi Corporate Instinct Conference

To address its complex document management and transfer requirements, Clyde Engineering has implemented a CompuTechnics' document management solution.

The new FileNET Panagon IDM Desktop range of applications provides access to an organisation's documents across the enterprise.