Enterprise Applications

Aussie Home Loans (Aussie) has refined its reporting and decision-making with a data warehouse, in time for its launch into the mortgage market.

Paper waste is no laughing matter for a tissue maker, as the makers of Sorbent found.

BI was the answer to “spreadsheet chaos” at a major food manufacturer.

Business intelligence users might be forgiven for wondering about Microsoft’s acquisition of business intelligence specialist Great Plains Software. Would Microsoft take over the industry, or would it be just another player among many? For...

Teradata Warehouse 7.0 is on its way to Australia. The latest enhanced data warehouse comprises of new hardware and software.

A Queensland project is pushing portals into the hands of professors and teachers.

Griffith University will be able to track copyright information and manage its teaching content, thanks to the roll out of a content management system.

Storage software vendor Legato is playing an increasing role in the content management space and added to its portfolio this week with the announcement that its ApplicationXtender system now supports SAP enterprise resource planning suites.

The Australian Tax Office (ATO) has given EDS a vote of confidence by extending the company’s IT outsourcing contract for an additional two years. The contract extension, valid until June 2006, is valued at A$300 million (US$160 million).

Leading commercial law firm Phillips Fox has been appointed to analyse the Howard Government’s Digital Agenda copyright reforms.