Enterprise Applications

A second government panel approval has bolstered newly independent Alphawest. The technology services company was formally part of the Solution 6 group, but split away in a management buyout in August, 2002.

Adoption of IT by Australian businesses has declined, according to figures released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics today.

There hasn't been the rush to voice over IP that some technology giants said there would be, but there is a movement towards it. As a result vendors of customer relationship management applications are moving to modify and integrate their a...

A document management application is to be integrated into enterprise resource planning systems from SSA Global Technologies. The Pacific arm of SSA Global Technologies has signed an agreement to distribute FormTrap from TCG Information Systems.

FileNet content management applications can be integrated into SAP's new NetWeaver web services architecture.

India's software industry is booming, with exports reaching 340 billion rupees for the last three quarters of 2002; yet Australian software developers are not phased by India's growth, they respect their Asian partners, but do not see their...

If the taster to Integrative Document and Content Management, the book written by Michael Middleton and Len Asprey in the November/December issue of Image & Data Manager wet your appetite, you can now buy the tome online.

A multi million dollar outsourcing contract between DaimlerChrysler and HP has been inked, with the purpose of enabling DaimlerChrysler to concentrate on expanding its business in the Pacific region.

A team of academics and marketplace watchdogs will spearhead Australian research into online fraud and breaches of the Corporations Act by Web sites.

With budget cuts and redundancies many IT executives can no longer claim to have the keys to a Porsche in their pocket, but a little bit of Porsche could slip into their pocket and also contain all the vital data they need.