Enterprise Applications

Many organisations are still considering moving their assets into the digital arena. Those that have a plethora of digital content may be struggling with how to manage it. But if your organisation thrives on a catalogue, digital assets and ...

Despite making up over half of the worldÕs population, and having national leaders and business captains amongst their ranks around the planet, women have been relatively under-represented in Australia. In an effort to combat this, the Fede...

A survey has revealed that Web sites from Content Management application vendors are not delivering the content readers and users want.

Internet users are being asked to be the future of search engines. Rather than just logging onto a search engine and expecting it to provide the results, LookSmart wants users to act as a community by using their PCs as the basis for a sear...

Already used by law enforcement organisations for searching incident reports, offender databases and evidence reports, ISYS is finding a new application in the identification and tracking of suspected terrorists.

An Ovum researcher has said that information management systems are selling well on the wave of current regulation changes, but he warns they may not solve the problems that businesses face.

Network Appliance is the second vendor to release a hard disk based storage system to act as an archive and replace tape and optical. EMC fired the starting pistol earlier in the year.

Maxtor's serial ATA hard drives are compatible with the Intel 875P chipset for the Pentium 4 processor.

Amnesty International, the British based human rights charity famed for its campaigns against human rights abuses in Burma, Cuba and Australia has adopted a search engine developed in Australia by 80-20 Software.

Australian software equips renowned human rights organization with powerful, accurate Website search engine