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The New South Wales Police fraud squad is optimistic that the reporting by Optus of a hacker on its Optus ISP network and subsequent fine for the person responsible will prove to be a watershed in the reporting of such instances of hacking...

Despite the growing awareness of computer crime and IT security breaches, instances of both continue to blight corporate and home computer users in 2003.

The rapid escalation in the amount of spam clogging up our inboxes on a daily business has prompted the Internet Industry Association (IIA) to extend its national campaign against spam for a further three months.

Internet exchange service provider Equinix has said its successful merger of i-STT and Pihana Pacific has led to enabled it to secure a host of new customers in the Asia Pacific region.

The New South Wales Office of Information Technology (OIT) has commissioned a review of content management systems and practices across all NSW Government agencies.

Australian Internet agency Red Square has clinched a major deal to supply one of the world's largest shipping companies with an innovative online product that is set to be a boon for sea freight users.

Scientists at the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Association (CSIRO) have devised a means for people accessing Web Services to ensure the privacy of any personal information divulged.

Federal Government departments can appear large

During the recent Iraq War, the most credible perspective came from a lone weblog, written from the heart of Bagdad, even as the first waves of smart bombs were falling. While the author of the weblog, Salam Pax, was an unknown, the writing...

Many organisations are still considering moving their assets into the digital arena. Those that have a plethora of digital content may be struggling with how to manage it. But if your organisation thrives on a catalogue, digital assets and ...