Enterprise Applications

When Jodi Glass stepped into the CEO shoes at the Adelaide Fringe, she had to find a better way to manage her limited resources. Christine Gill goes behind the scenes to meet two companies who stepped in to help her.

Bianca Lipari climbs on board a world first in shipping, a do-it-yourself online booking facility.

Technology experts at Suncorp-Metway had the foresight to see the way they were managing and sharing their information had to change. They are now reaping the rewards. By Stuart Finlayson.

WebCentral kicks rivals into touch with ARU web deal. By Stuart Finlayson.

Web-based suppliers need to consider a range of factors to be sure that their website terms and conditions have the effect intended. By James Flowers.

For the last twenty years, operating system software has been a thing of populist beauty taking computers from something few of us wanted to know about to something we can't do without. These operating systems have been crucial in leading ...

Australian banks are under pressure to take urgent action in the face of

Digital Asset Management (DAM) system provider Canto has announced the availability of its Cumulus Office Suite, which is designed to help manage office documents and presentations created with Microsoft Office products.

Network security vendor Symantec has introduced three new products designed to alert the user when their system is being attacked in order to minimise damage.

Digital media company RealNetworks has scored a major success in its battle with Microsoft in the market for multimedia software by securing a deal with Vodafone to supply the software to deliver video and audio clips to the telco's high-e...