Enterprise Applications

Vendors in the knowledge management industry have posted some promising financial results, with Hummingbird and Documentum in particular spreading good news.

One call, one Web site: that is the aim for government access in Queensland. The Queensland's state government is to integrate all commerce and contacts whether on the Internet or via telephone. CiTR, a company owned by the University of Qu...

Delphi Group's latest research into the search and retrieval market has revealed that Verity is still the number one player, a fact that has pleased head of the Australian branch office.

The Australian Communications Authority is considering whether to monitor the delivery of broadband Internet services. A discussion paper, Proposal for Monitoring and Reporting Quality of Service for Broadband and High Data Rate Services wa...

Events organiser Key3Media has closed down its Australian operations, sounding what might be the final death knell for the giant tech trade show.

Concord, the education content management application vendors based in Australia and the USA has signed a global reseller deal with Blackboard. Colin Bell, CEO of the Australian arm says the deal will have a strong impact in Australia.

Google the king of Internet search has released its latest enterprise search system, but the local market doesn't think Google has the answer.

An online community has discovered that Internet browsers Mozilla and Netscape inform the last site you visited where you are on the Web now.

The Enterprise portal market could be one of the most exciting battle scenes over the coming 12 months, but who ever succeeds, they are going to have to answer some important questions from the Enterprise market and ensure their product sup...

FileNET and Interwoven have begun a joint development project to assist enterprises looking to leverage corporate content onto the Web.