Enterprise Applications

Hummingbird Communications has updated its host access software product, HostExplorer Web, to integrate with its Enterprise Information Portal offering.

Microsoft's answer to the phenomenon of the enterprise information portal is the Digital Dashboard.

Windows is the dominant platform of computing, but it is being challenged by the corporate portal concept. IDM investigates how Microsoft has responded.

How the digital dashboard works from a technological perspective.

As BroadVision moves into Australia with its blend of e-commerce and knowledge management, IDM talked to its CEO, Pehong Chen.

The E Business Partnering 2000 conference and exhibition will provide organisations with the tools to utilise the Internet to improve partner relationships.

The EDM New Zealand 2000 conference will explore EDM, e-commerce and Internet-enabled document delivery specifically within an NZ context.

Genie Systems is integrating its OrderWare product with k-Flow, the workflow offering from PowerPlus.

Document management vendors and Web development firms have turned their attention to content management with innovative solutions.

FileNET has released details of the next version of its Panagon software suite, which will take it to becoming a provider of what it calls "eContent management" tools.