Enterprise Applications

Roche Pharmaceuticals Australia has signed on with Allaire to implement its new Spectra intranet system.

What's new in intranet services

Dr Jeff Jones had an opportunity to test the latest offering of Allaire's content management application, Spectra.

BroadVision has set up an Australian office and announced it will acquire document management vendor, Interleaf.

A range of Internet monitoring and management tools aimed at combating Internet misuse in the workforce has been launched in Australia.

Cumulus 5 is an application designed for keeping track of digital media that can include photographs, illustrations, page layouts and sounds.

News and new products

Companies should not believe that they can wait and see how the Internet would be a "disruptor" to their industry.

IBM Global Services Australia is expanding its service offerings to help companies maximise ROI from packaged ERP solutions.

Hummingbird is to integrate its data and reporting solutions to support the delivery of corporate data to 3Com's Palm-based handheld computing devices.