Enterprise Applications

Identifying a metric by which to judge the relative focus, size or scalability of ASPs is problematic at best, and misleading at worst.

List of ASPs and the services they offer.

How to calculate your bandwidth needs if you decide to connect to an ASP.

Comments from Citrix Systems on ASP usage.

Hummingbird is preparing the most ambitious portal software yet; this is a preview of its beta version.

Most business intelligence vendors have portals now, but none have gone as far as Hummingbird.

Description of the latest portal releases from Cognos and Sterling Software.

Plumtree Software has released modules for embedding Onyx's CRM capabilities in the Plumtree Corporate Portal.

UK businesses may be wasting up to £17 billion per year on so-called "information black holes".

IBM has released a portal product which could subvert the KM efforts of its own subsidiary, Lotus Development.