IBM has rolled out a new security tool that it says will help small to medium-sized businesses ‘deadbolt’ data by encrypting it on the server hard drive.

Shooting for significant reductions in power use of disk-based storage systems, Adaptec has introduced a new RAID controller-based power management solution for both SATA and SAS storage, dubbing it an industry-first.

Melbourne law firm Russell Kennedy has seen an increase in BlackBerry utilisation for mobile working, and an associated improvement in document turnaround times, as a result of implementing BigHand Mobile (BlackBerry Edition) across the ...

Cisco has opened up new possibilities to its WebEx collaboration platform this week, announcing that it intends to acquire email and calendaring software developer PostPath.

Within the next 12 months IBM is hoping to introduce a new, high-performance solid state storage system that it claims is many times faster than current storage arrays.

Kazeon has extended its Information Server eDiscovery application, announcing improved collection, procession and analysis with legal hold from laptops and desktops.

Microsoft has rolled out version 4 of its Windows Desktop Search application, improving on somewhat cumbersome previous versions with better performance, faster sorting and preview functions.

Enterprise data protection specialist Pretty Good Privacy Corporation (PGP) has released new versions of its encryption software, further increasing its policy control and data protection capabilities.

Sun Microsystems is showing off some significant adoption numbers for the OpenSolaris Storage community, illustrating a 20 percent growth in registered members in six months.

iStor Networks has introduced a new virtualisation solution that it says can simplify storage provisioning and allocation.