Improved search tools for Open Text

Improved search tools for Open Text

Open Text has enhanced its Livelink product with two new knowledge management tools equipped with new search technology.

Livelink users will be able to evaluate the quality of data across the enterprise, improve the precision of search results and provide integrated expert identification, the knowledge management software vendor claimed.

  Open Text said its Livelink Naturalizer and Livelink Recommender products represent a "major leap forward in search technology", continuing its progress since its development of the first search engine for the Internet in 1991.

Livelink Naturalizer, which will be offered as part of the core Livelink product, lets users enter their query as a natural language question, rather than having to learn the computer's query language. Naturalizer then applies algorithms which control the meta-data in Livelink's repository to interpret the meaning of the question and return results to the user. The aim is so that users no longer have to weed through results that may contain the terms in their query, but that don't reflect the intent of their query.

According to Livelink, not all knowledge is written down or on computers, but resides within the brains of experts within the organisation. Livelink has created its Recommender product to address this issue.

Recommender, which will be offered as a module for Livelink, works by integrating expert identification with search capabilities, to allow users to identify experts based on who has created content and/or other users with similar interests.

Users can also judge or add specific comments on the usefulness of documents or other content discovered by browsing or searching. Recommender identifies the newest, the most viewed, and the most highly rated content, and can suggest documents to individual users based on their activity in Livelink and the activity of other users with the same interests.

John Armenakas, vice president Asia Pacific for Open Text said: "Open Text has strong Internet origins in the knowledge management space beginning with the creation and release of the first search engine for the web. Naturalizer and Recommender continue on with that heritage by offering material benefits to organisations who are spending more and more of their time searching for information and need to do so in a more contextual manner. This translates into efficiency and productivity benefits, not to mention enhancing the process of collaboration which can all be monetised."

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