SAP certifies latest iXOS releas

SAP certifies latest iXOS release

iXOS Software has announced SAP certification of its iXOS-ARCHIVE 3.5 for SAP ArchiveLink 4.5.

SAP ArchiveLink is the SAP interface between the R/3 solution and archiving systems such as the iXOS-ARCHIVE business document system. iXOS-ARCHIVE complements the SAP ArchiveLink interface by providing the necessary document capture, optical storage, and storage management functionality.

The new web-enabled Version 4.5 supports the HTTP protocol to communicate with an external business document system and the interface's open protocol requires no additional client software, other than a Web browser. By supporting the new HTTP based protocol, users can store data and documents via the Internet and intranets.

In conjunction with iXOS-ARCHIVE, SAP ArchiveLink enables the archiving of incoming documents, archiving of outgoing documents generated by the Archive Development Kit (ADK) as part of the data archiving process, direct access to archived documents via SAP R/3 applications, elimination of customised programming and utilisation of existing SAP R/3 security authorisation profiles.

This ensures that existing archives can continue to be utilised without any migration hassles.

iXOS is said to be the only supplier of ArchiveLink-certified archiving systems to offer SAP-compatible viewers in the form of Active-X Control and Java applets.