Mancini's top ten tips for a user's demise

Mancini's top ten tips for a user's demise

In the style of Late Show host David Letterman, AIIM International president and keynote speaker John Mancini delivered what he saw as Top 10 Tips for "Demise of a User".

1. Ignore implementing a web integration strategy within your organization.

2. Promise your customers more than you can realistically deliver.

3. Assume document management issues will take care of themselves and EVERYTHING can be managed on the Web.

4. Assume your clients or customers like change and will welcome new gadgetry and user interfaces.

5. Skimp on training.

6. Assume that implementing imaging and workflow and other document management technologies is a "piece of cake."

7. Over analyze the marketplace; (making no decision is not necessarily the right decision).

8. In concert with number 7, wait to make the perfect infrastructure investment.

9. Trust your systems integrator so much that you cede all project management and control (I've seen many disasters here).

10. Stall for time in application decisions (you should assume that your internal users won't and will go around you).