Vignette Releases Rapid Web Development Service

Vignette Releases Rapid Web Development Service

By Greg McNevin

October 21, 2008: Vignette has announced the availability of a new service it says can simplify the management of web content and launch new web sites faster.

Called QuickSite, the company says the new service speeds web site development by delivering consistent infrastructure and enabling marketing departments to launch multiple micro sites and branded sites without having to recreate Web pages from scratch.

The company claims that the service can deliver a working customer-branded Web site within weeks. QuickSite includes content management processes, templates and business adoption workshops, as well as a clone feature than enables entire sites to be re-branded quickly and easily.

“QuickSite is an innovative and cost-effective way to reduce the unknowns of site development.” said Shane Anastasi, vice president of worldwide professional services at Vignette. “We have taken our 10-plus years of experience in delivering content management software and encapsulated it in one delivery framework. Our customers are expected to deliver engaging Web experiences to their key audiences, and it’s our job to make that happen as quickly and easily as possible.”

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