Asia-Pac BPO deploys eFLOW for forms processing

Top Image Systems has delivered an eFLOW project valued at some $US100,000 for licenses and services to date to a business process outsourcing (BPO) subsidiary of a national postal service group in the Asia-Pacific.

Operating almost 25,000 post offices along with other logistics and regional sites and employing some 200,000, the postal service decided to move the outsourced processing of internal document operations to its BPO subsidiary for automated capture and processing by eFLOW.

Upon receiving positive recommendations from the outsourcing agency that processed its internal documents in the past, the BPO has initially chosen eFLOW to process some 20,000 structured health-check and stress-check documents per day and plans to expand the use of eFLOW in future.  eFLOW’s automated data entry and accurate recognition of handwritten and print texts in the local language are expected to increase straight-through processing and substantially reduce processing costs.

Alex Toh, Managing Director, Top Image Systems APAC–Japan, said, “We welcome this customer to the growing TIS Asian-Pacific install base. Using eFLOW, this customer will benefit from reduced turnaround times, minimized processing costs and fewer errors in the extraction of relevant information and its delivery to integrated business systems.

“Combined with ease of use, high scalability and rapid, reliable performance of high volume processing, these are the reasons why eFLOW has become a recognized industry standard in markets as competitive as the postal and logistics sectors.”