Ephesoft Releases Insight 3.0 document analysis

Ephesoft Inc., developers of the Smart Capture software that extracts meaning from unstructured content, has announced the release of its new document analytics platform, Ephesoft Insight 3.0.

Insight leverages Ephesoft’s patented machine learning algorithms to extract meaningful and actionable information from an often untapped resource: unstructured data on documents and images in content management systems.

With Ephesoft Insight, organisations can unlock the power of the data trapped in their document repositories to reduce risk, drive profits, improve operations, and support strategic decision making.

“Insight enables rapid analysis of millions of documents and images by crawling content repositories and other network storage,” explained Ike Kavas, Chief Technical Officer for Ephesoft.

“By automatically classifying documents and extracting data, Insight transforms unstructured data from documents into structured, correlated data sets and provides rich data visualization and dashboard tools for analysis.”

Ephesoft Insight leverages patented machine learning technology to extract meaningful data from pdf and TIFF document images. Once relevant data fields have been identified the software employs algorithms to identify linkage across multiple documents.

The technology has been deployed within the U.S. Intelligence Community, and several successful pilot programs have been initiated with strategic healthcare and financial service customers. Ephesoft Insight is now available from Ephesoft directly as well as select integration partners.