A single tool to stop unintentional data breaches

DocsCorp has announced a major update to cleanDocs, its metadata cleaning tool, to provide a platform for data leak prevention. cleanDocs 2.0 combines metadata cleaning and email recipient checking in a single product so users can now be confident that private information is going to the right person and that it contains no harmful metadata.

Data from the ICO shows that 37% of all data breaches reported in 2017 were due to information being sent to the wrong recipient. Implementing systems to prevent data breaches resulting from human error must be a priority for all organisations.

cleanDocs 2.0 recipient checking and metadata cleaning functionalities are crucial for guarding against unintentional breaches and demonstrating Privacy by Design.

cleanDocs 2.0 integrates with Microsoft Outlook to check emails before they are sent externally. In a single step, cleanDocs identifies potential issues within the list of recipients – like public and generic        domains – and colour-codes them according to risk level.

On a single screen with minimal clicks and interruptions, the sender confirms that each addressee is an intended recipient before the email is sent. From here the user can clean potentially harmful metadata from attachments, convert them to PDF and compress them to reduce file size.

The ability to do all this in one application is unique to cleanDocs. Organisations have only one Outlook add-in to deploy, which is a boon for Systems Administrators.

cleanDocs 2.0 includes Configuration Manager – a tool that allows Administrators to control all cleanDocs settings and policies. It also includes Zip on Send, so users can compress attachments into a single archive file in Outlook.

To purchase or upgrade to cleanDocs 2.0 contact sales@docscorp.com.