Blue Prism launches Digital Exchange for RPA apps

Blue Prism has joined the party by launching its own Robotics Process Automation (RPA) “app store” - its new Digital Exchange (DX) – following similar announcements from competitors Automation Anywhere and UiPath in 2018.

The company says it provides a “one-stop shop for building out, scaling and adding skills to digital workers.”

Initial apps available at launch from ABBYY, Appian, Ephesoft, IBM Watson, Google and Microsoft among others provide a variety of AI, Machine Learning (ML), analytics, Optical Character Recognition (OCR) capabilities

Blue Prism claims its Digital Exchange differs from its competitors by offering simpler integration. It has simultaneously launched Blue Prism v6.4 which allows the plugin apps to be instantly dragged and dropped into new or existing automations, providing a turn-key implementation of AI.

“Blue Prism took steps to ensure that the DX was designed in an intuitive way, allowing searches by various filters such as by skill category, technology, processes and verticals, to quickly serve up the assets that made the most sense,” the company said in a statement.

“ABBYY is excited to be a strategic partner of Blue Prism, and we see incredible synergy and customer demand for our joint intelligent capture and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technologies and solutions,” said Jupp Stoepetie, Chief Marketing Officer at ABBYY.

“This partnership has created an opportunity for us to work together helping customers solve real-world problems when it comes to processing unstructured content.”