Bring capture to mobile apps with ABBYY SDK

ABBYY has introduced a new software development kit (SDK) designed to provide easy mobile capture for apps offered by financial services, insurance, transportation and logistics, healthcare, and other industries. ABBYY Mobile Capture makes it easy for users to simply capture data via the smartphone or tablet camera to be used within an app or extracted and sent to back-end processes for self-service scenarios.

The AI-enabled SDK frees the mobile user from manual data entry, creating a frictionless user experience for all onboarding and data entry scenarios including sign-up, registration, and document input. The SDK aims to suppors digital transformation and robotic process automation (RPA) strategies.

Forcing mobile users to go through lengthy registration processes, requiring them to manually type information from documents into apps, is not only error prone and time consuming, but also one of the most disliked activities, according a recent research study commissioned by ABBYY.

From a business standpoint, the inability to automate data input slows down transactions, creates unreliable onboarding processes and impedes transparency and operational visibility.

“AI automation on mobile still is not being used by businesses to its full advantage,” comments Bruce Orcutt, Senior Vice President of Product Marketing at ABBYY.

“This creates a massive opportunity for the early adopters of new-generation mobile technologies such as ABBYY Mobile Capture. The SDK benefits both organizations and end-users by making mobile interfaces more intuitive, boosting their ease and speed. It is designed for the workforce of the future who are driven by the culture of convenience, prefer mobile for admin tasks, and welcome smarter working practices”.

Mobile Capture allows the user to enter all the necessary information into an app by simply pointing their camera at the document or text. The app will then automatically and in realtime extract text and data from documents and objects and capture the best quality image for further back-end processing.

It works for 63 languages on any background and includes out-of-the-box recognition of over 160 types of IDs, bank cards, MRZ, and IBAN.

ABBYY Mobile Capture SDK is available for integration into new or existing applications for iOS and Android and supports 63 recognition languages, including Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. The developer toolkit supports easy integration and offers code samples and quick-start guides to help developers get started.

For more information on ABBYY Mobile Capture SDK or to request a trial, please visit the ABBYY website:

Contact ABBYY at or on  (02) 9004 7401 for any further information.