Konnect eMail launches SharePoint Outlook integration solution

Melbourne-based start-up Software Company, Konnect eMail, has announced the launch of an innovative drag and drop email management solution to enable better email management and records compliance.

KonnecteMail is a start-up software solutions provider that aims to help medium to large businesses as well as state and federal government departments, manage their records and emails more effectively with the launch of its Outlook to SharePoint integration solution.

The software product provides integration between Outlook and SharePoint to help organization become email records compliant while making it easy for the user to save the email.

One of the major challenges faced by enterprise and government agencies worldwide is records management. Companies, especially in the legal, manufacturing, mining sectors and all levels of government, are required to comply with records management regulations that includes email records.

Konnect eMail is designed to offer a comprehensive, easy to use, email management solution that ensures email record compliance and provides for the safety and security of records.

The software enables better email management on SharePoint by automatically extracting crucial information i.e. email date, from, to, subject, etc. from the email and adding this as metadata against the .msg file; while making it easy for the end user (the person using SharePoint) to save email from Outlook to SharePoint.

The solution comes with Outlook Email Add-In that provides a simplified design that makes it easy for users to start saving emails without learning a new tool. The add-in helps to reduce the time to save emails and attachments as well as the number of support request to the IT help desk, thanks to its Drag & Drop Email feature.

The SharePoint Email Parser solution, on the other hand, helps to reduce the Email Records Management compliance risk by capturing valuable email attributes which enables classification and email records management.

Both applications work together to enable better Email and Email Records Management on SharePoint, offering a consistent user experience across Windows file system and Outlook and ultimately enabling users to remain productive.