SmartAssistant Connects Emails to Microsoft Teams has introduced SmartAssistant, a product that links an organization’s internal staff conversations and external communications in Office 365, by intelligently connecting emails, documents, and Microsoft Teams conversations.

According to, Teams is the fastest growing business app in Microsoft history and is used mainly for internal office communication, while email is used for both internal and external communication with customers, vendors, and other contacts.

The gap between internal and external communication in the enterprise leads to information being scattered across multiple Microsoft apps, which can quickly become a nightmare of disconnected conversations.

An urgent customer request for assistance received via email that is discussed via an internal Teams conversation, can quickly become a problem when the case needs to be referenced later, or the complete data must be produced for governance or compliance purposes. 

SmartAssistant offers the ability to drag and drop emails and attachments from Outlook directly to a Teams channel, seamless Outlook/Teams transitions, support for “in-place” record management out of the box, automatic Teams alerts, the ability to add descriptive labels to describe the contents of emails and documents, a “Teams” Outlook tab with displays of emails and attachments copied to Teams, directly in the Outlook sidebar, and the ability to display favourite Teams and channels directly in the “Favorites” view.

“Users are only human, and people tend to follow the path of least resistance, so the best way to get them to do the right thing is by making it the easy thing. Our new SmartAssistant does exactly that,” said Yaacov Cohen, CEO and co-founder of

“Knowledge workers are busy, and it’s not practical to manually sync conversations between Teams and email, so discussions quickly become disconnected and people can’t find the information they need to do their jobs.”

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