Kofax Partners with Microsoft for Cloud-Based Universal Print Solution

Kofax is teaming with Microsoft to allow Microsoft Universal Print users to leverage Kofax ControlSuite, the company’s print management and cognitive capture software solution, across a wide range of printers and multi-function devices (MFD).

Universal Print, Microsoft's cloud-based print infrastructure, is currently in private preview and will be available soon to Microsoft 365 users.

When combined with Kofax ControlSuite, IT departments don’t need to dedicate time and resources to configure print servers and local devices, thus alleviating much of the print administration effort and expense.

Kofax ControlSuite works across s comprehensive range of printers and multi-function device (MFD) brands and models, as well as mobile devices, and adds to this seamless experience.

“Kofax and Microsoft share a common goal of helping customers digitally transform business operations and workflow to drive enhanced efficiency, productivity and experience,” says Chris Huff, Chief Strategy Officer at Kofax.

“ControlSuite and Universal Print represent the future of work, providing customers a modern print infrastructure delivered through cloud services. Customers benefit from Microsoft’s cloud services while Kofax ControlSuite provides a single print management, cognitive capture and output management platform across the enterprise, resulting in reduced cost of ownership and improved, secure experiences for employees.”

Kofax ControlSuite’s ability to provide print management, cognitive capture and output management means printing, scanning, content extraction and document workflows can be automated across any combination of hybrid systems and technologies. These include printers, MFDs, mobile and desktop devices, email and print streams.

“Universal Print was designed to move key Windows Server print functionality to the Microsoft cloud so organizations no longer need on-premise print servers, and remove the need to install printer drivers on end-user devices,” says Issa Khoury, Principal Program Manager Lead at Microsoft.

“Partnering with Kofax, we’re able to offer Kofax and Microsoft customers the joint value of Universal Print and ControlSuite and elevate user experience to the next level.”

Microsoft and Kofax hosted a joint webinar discussing the functionality of Universal Print and Kofax ControlSuite.