Parascript Partners with Datamatics TruCap+ for Document Automation 

Parascript has announced an Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) partnership with Datamatics, company that provides global consulting, information technology (IT), data management, and business process management services.  Headquartered in Mumbai, Datamatics has major delivery centres in the USA, India, and Philippines.

As part of the technology partnership, Parascript SignatureXpert SDK will combine with Datamatics TruCap+ IDP to offer enhanced auto-signature matching functionality in its IDP software TruCap+.  

Datamatics TruCap+ is an AI-enabled IDP solution that provides a Template-Free approach to significantly reduce setup time and the burden of creating and maintaining templates for each document type and version.

Alain Navarro, Director of Sales for EMEA & Latin America at Parascript, said, "To gain complete and clear visibility throughout the entire flow, organizations must minimize paper and tightly integrate processes with their system applications. Automating by integrating signature verification within a fraud detection application sets the foundation for complete and clear visibility.

"Through the use of state-of-the-art technology, SignatureXpert software also cuts out errors commonly associated with convoluted fraud by automating the verification, comparison, and approval process. Simply adding technology alone won't increase productivity if the team is working hard but inefficiently," said Alain.

"Combining Datamatics TruCap+ software and SignatureXpert SDK, we deliver robust, scalable solutions with a good return on investment. Datamatics is one of the few vendors in our market that can offer global coverage to customers."

Speaking about the partnership, Mitul Mehta, SVP and Chief Marketing Officer at Datamatics, said, "Several processes require signature matching, which is currently all done manually, especially in Banking, Insurance, and Financial Services industry.

He further added, "Parascript SignatureXpert works seamlessly with TruCap+. With the enhanced automated signature matching feature, our customers can further automate processes, increase straight-through-processing and accuracy throughput."

Parascript SignatureXpert enables automated signature verification captured from any document, minimizing the need for visual verification and providing a high degree of accuracy. SignatureXpert enables signatures to be verified by comparing them against reference signatures gathered during account setup, voter registration, or any other event that allows the collection of validated signatures.