Newgen adds new RPA offering to Digital Transformation Platform

Newgen Software has announced the launch of an all-new integrated Robotic Process Automation (RPA) offering for its Digital Transformation Platform, NewgenONE.

“Newgen’s RPA complements our low-code application development capabilities and will further empower our customers to achieve end-to-end process automation,” said Virender Jeet, CEO Newgen Software.

“We have designed our RPA engine to offer task automation for a user with desktop recorder and scripting tools while also integrating with the entire process model so that businesses can optimize processes that take more time.

“Furthermore, it can integrate with legacy applications where APIs are not available and deploy bots more effectively. It will also solve for intelligent document processing through AI bots to improve customer experience,” he said.

“With powerful auditing controls and impeccable exception handling capabilities, enterprises will remain compliant to regulations with bots working within the ecosystem. Its highly scalable architecture and bot control orchestration engine supports hundreds of bots that can be coordinated to serve complex business use cases across industries,” Jeet added.

“RPA has been one of the key enablers of Hyperautomation over the last 4 to 5 years, and global enterprises have invested in personal task automation tools in a big way. However, enterprises and analysts have realized that personal/task automation that does not have access to business applications, process models, and work automation can deliver limited results,” said Arvind Jha, Global Product Head, Newgen Software.

“As a result, nearly all vendors are trying to acquire BPM platforms and force-fit/integrate RPA into them. With our new RPA engine, they can now add “bots” to the process orchestration journey and supplement human agents to accelerate business processes, address real-life problems, and achieve efficiencies like never before. This makes us a unique vendor globally, helping operation workbench to be more effective with their digital co-workers and reduce overall TAT drastically.”

With in-situ integration, RPA will have access to the whole gamut of decision tables, business rules, process data, and lot more. Enterprises will be able to make legacy apps talk to modern ones directly from the workflow non-invasively through a bot.

For example, all third-party verifications like sanction and BL/AML checks in the onboarding journey, and claim settlement can be handed over to bots. Document validation and extraction of data from invoices can be accelerated.

Over 530+ global enterprises use Newgen’s platform to create modern business applications, automate complex business processes, and transform the customer experience.  

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