awToolBox-iManage Integration Brings Calendaring and Document Management Together inside M365

LawToolBox, a provider of legal tools for Microsoft 365, has entered a strategic relationship with iManage to create a seamless deadline, document and Microsoft 365 collaborative experience across LawToolBox, iManage, Outlook, and Microsoft Teams. 

LawToolBox for Microsoft 365 is a native rules-based calendaring in Outlook and Microsoft Teams used by legal professionals worldwide, enabling them to manage deadlines. The cloud-based LawToolBox proprietary rules-based deadline library is used to automatically calculate deadlines for litigation, transactional, and administrative matters, with access to thousands of rulesets for 50 states and countries worldwide.

"With this new partnership the boundaries between products disappear, and the end-user experiences a seamless and ubiquitous integration within LawToolBox, iManage, and Microsoft 365" says Carol Lynn Grow, Chief Operating Officer of LawToolBox.

A matter starts within iManage which serves as the "source of truth" including workspace name, client and matter reference information. When the end-user wants to docket critical dates, LawToolBox inherits the matter information eliminating the need for duplicate data entry and ensuring seamless continuity between solutions.

LawToolBox automatically creates a Microsoft 365 matter in Outlook and Microsoft Teams (end-users use LawToolBox to pre-configure their Microsoft Team with custom channels, apps and tabs).

Then from iManage, LawToolBox, Outlook or Microsoft Teams - wherever the legal professional is working - they can docket critical dates and deadlines in LawToolBox using its proprietary library of rules-based deadline calculators and AI technology that extracts deadlines from emails, scheduling orders, real estate documents, and other hand-written documents and text.

Whenever a deadline has an iManage document or file associated with it the legal professional can attach a link to the deadline. LawToolBox automatically synchronizes the deadline to relevant team member's Outlook calendars, and the body of the deadline entry contains a link back to file in iManage.

Here is one use-case that demonstrates the value of this new partnership: a legal professional receives a hand-written court order in an email. A legal professional uses LawToolBox AI to read the hand-written order and extract deadlines to add to their matter calendar.

In this example one of the deadlines added is the deadline to file a summary judgment motion. Later from inside iManage the legal professional is reviewing a draft of their motion for summary judgment – they simply open LawToolBox from inside iManage and attach a document link to the deadline LawToolBox is tracking.

This deadline is automatically added to the Outlook calendars for all the team members working on this case. The head partner responsible for managing the case opens their Outlook calendar and clicks on the link in the calendar entry that automatically takes them to their iManage workspace where they can review and finalize the pleading!

With this powerful integration all the team members have access to the tools they need from everywhere they are working – iManage, LawToolBox, Outlook and Teams.

LawToolBox for Microsoft 365 can be purchased in the Microsoft commercial marketplace, and LawToolBox AI can be added for an additional per user fee. The iManage plugin can be activated for an introductory period of time at no additional cost, but LawToolBox anticipates implementing a per user fee in the near future.