Document Wrangler

Document Wrangler

May/June Edition, 2008: A2iA has released Version 3.0 of its DocumentReader classification and data extraction toolkit. This automatically processes paper documents that contain both handwritten and machine-printed information, and classifies those documents based on both their geometry and content.

The A2iA DocumentReader is an API, which is designed to be integrated into existing enterprise content management, document management, and knowledge management applications.

The latest release of this API?features a new user interface that allows documents to be classified not only at an individual page-level but is able to classify a group of documents together (such as would be found in an envelope or paper file-folder).

AI technology is used to analyse sets of pages found together, known as a “collection”. Because A2iA DocumentReader analyses a group of documents together simultaneously, it corroborates the data from these related sources, improving classification rates and enhancing recognition accuracy.

A2iA DocumentReader is capable of reading free form, cursive handwriting from unstructured documents and can locate and extract key data elements such as social security numbers, phone numbers, dates, and product names. Users can define their own set of keywords and phrases to be located, eliminating the time and cost associated with manually reviewing and sorting through stacks of mail, archives and other documents while permitting these documents?to be searched.

A2iA DocumentReader is available as an add-on or stand-alone engine to service bureaus and other software developers for integration into various business process management, content management, document capture, forms processing, e-discovery, and?OCR/ICR applications.

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