A solution to manage all business transactions

A solution to manage all business transactions

Optika has introduced eMedia, a Web-based electronic software infastructure for managing and automating paper-intensive business processes within an enterprise, through extranets and across the value chain.

It provides a single point-of-access to multiple sources of information across an enterprise. This includes the traditional document archives (imaging and COLD) as well as process archives, legacy archives and file servers and Web servers.

Optika eMedia is a new Web-based electronic infrastructure designed for conducting business with suppliers and customers.

The eMedia framework includes the scanning, processing, storage and management of paper-based and electronic documents; the sharing of that information with business partners in the value chain; and the integration of electronic data interchange (EDI), electronic commerce and other key technologies for managing business-to-business transactions, according to Optika.

It employs a scalable, extensible 3-tier architecture built on industry standards that combines image management, document management, workflow and COLD, deployed and maintained over the Internet.

It also features multiple, user-configurable clients for retrieving and viewing documents of virtually any type as well as processing work in a workflow.

Clients include an Optika production interface, a Windows Explorer interface, a standard browser interface and eMedia tools embedded in a line-of-business application.

A concept called "Galleries" allows users to customise interfaces specific to business functions and resolution tools that enable organisations to collaborate on business transactions and settle differences in out-of-tolerance transactions. Optika eMedia is backwards compatible with Optika's previous generation product, FilePower. It also extends the functionality and capabilities of FilePower to include data from any legacy source, information from EDI and electronic commerce applications and contextual information such as discussion threads and negotiations.

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