Breaking News

TDK has announced that it will start manufacturing sample quantities of write once DVD-R and rewritable DVD-RAM discs.

Jasmine is said to be the first object solution for building next generation business systems over Internet and client/server computing environments.

Computechnics has released Objective 98, the latest version of its electronic document management system.

Optima Energy has announced the signing of a major technology support contract with Aspect Computing.

Panel members at the 1998 Dephi Corporate Instinct Conference

HummingBird Communications has announced Common Ground Paper2Web, a scanning application for enterprise intranets.

PC DOCS Group International and Fulcrum Technologies have signed an agreement under which PC DOCS Group will make an offer to acquire Fulcrum.

SCSI Corporation has been appointed exclusive distributor of Pioneer CD jukeboxes and the 24 speed slot drive.

Quick View Plus (QVP) 4.5, a new version of the utility for file viewing and information sharing, has been announced by Inso Corporation.

Letter from Trevor Stacey,Registrar, NSW Registry of Births, Deaths & Marriages, re an IDM article on the organisation's tender for an imaging contract.