Document & Records Management

'E-Business transactions: providing accountability through effective recordkeeping' brings keynote speakers from Australia and New Zealand to discuss issues surrounding the capture and management of electronic records.

The EDM New Zealand 2000 conference will explore EDM, e-commerce and Internet-enabled document delivery specifically within an NZ context.

Brendan Scott explores the problems caused by the explosion in email use in the workplace.

Document management is not a dusty technology confined to the back office, it is an essential part of e-business, says Ovum in its latest report.

Irish developer SoftCo has gained two thirds of the Irish document management market, and it is exporting its solutions to the Asia-Pacific region.

Eastman Software has released its Imaging and Workflow Feature Pack 2.

MDY Business Solutions has launched its flagship records management product FileSurf.

Document management vendors and Web development firms have turned their attention to content management with innovative solutions.

Lost productivity and knowledge management issues are the focus of a new application from GMB Research.

BroadVision has set up an Australian office and announced it will acquire document management vendor, Interleaf.