ediscovery & Forensics

The move reflects a growing desire by the Federal Court to ensure technology is at the forefront of litigation readiness. In the draft of the Practice Note the court makes its recommendation clear: “Parties (should) use technology, policy ...

Removable storage developer ProStor and eDiscovery provide Kazeon have announced that they are teaming up on a new integrated archiving solution.

Records and compliance management specialist AXS-One has announced the establishment of a new division offering archiving technologies to key providers in the hosting and e-Discovery markets.

AXS-One has introduced what it is calling the industry’s first complete archive solution for data preservation and case management in the form of its new Compliance Platform 3.7.

eDiscovery solution provider Kazeon has just released a new version of its Information Access Platform and Information Server, claiming that it can now address a wide range of information beyond the data centre.

Archiving, eDiscovery and Proactive Information Risk Management firm Zantaz has announced a new piece of software that it claims can help organisations forensically preserve, protect emails and files relevant to litigation, without continu...

According to a new study conducted by iTracks for email archiving provider Fortiva, one in five businesses have settled a lawsuit to avoid the costly and time consuming task of searching through and recovering email.

Symantec has launched a line of eDiscovery releases to leverage its Enterprise Vault Discovery Accelerator and improving on the auditable chain electronic chain of processes.

The Australian Securities and Investments Commission has released a new set of example documents to help businesses meet their regulatory compliance obligations without expending inordinate amounts of time and effort.

Exterro has introduced what it is calling the legal industry’s first fully integrated discovery management platform, saying that through the use of collaborative technology more control can be exerted over time, cost and risk.