ediscovery & Forensics

Leading investment bank, First Southwest Company has become the latest US customer of Australian eDiscovery software specialists Nuix, after it signed a deal to use the Company’s techno...

Autonomy is looking to add the missing link to SharePoint with its new ControlPoint information governance solution.

A first-of-its-kind survey of Global 1000 companies has found that the vast bulk of eDiscovery risk can be linked to the legal holds process.

IBM has given its eDiscovery portfolio a boost, adding new conceptual search and content analysis software to speed legal case assessment and the search for evidence.

Enterprise discovery solution provider Index Engines has given its eDiscovery capabilites a boost this week with the introduction of a new module that it says enables easier management of large projects.

Kazeon has unleashed VMware support for Information Server, brining eDiscovery capabilities to virtual machines.

A new survey of legal professionals and senior managers in the UK, Germany and the Netherlands has uncovered a marked sense of concern among those tasked with mitigating organisational risk when it comes to retrieving documentation.

Kazeon has extended its Information Server eDiscovery application, announcing improved collection, procession and analysis with legal hold from laptops and desktops.

The open source community is rejoicing following a ruling by the US federal appeals court that will see the software’s use protected, despite the fact that it is distributed freely.

LexisNexis Applied Discovery is rolling out the latest evolution of its e-discovery platform, claiming it offers significant advancements for planning and monitoring large review projects.