Version 5.0 nears

Version 5.0 nears

The latest version of RecFind from GMB Support will be available early in the New Year. Version 5.0 was to be an upgrade, but GMB claim they have added so many new features to the application that it has warranted its own label.

GMB are describing the new application as "the world's first multi-tasking application," as it allows users to manage correspondence, manage electronic documents, emails and records, act as a knowledge portal and manage imaging, to name a few. Over 300 changes have been made to the application since version 4.0.

Amongst the new features are an improved search facility with new Metadata fields and automatic additions; a new graphical interface for the workflow functions; new attachment profiles for document management; a new dynamic configurable data model and a new logging audit trail.

GMB expects to release version 5.0 to the market in February or March of 2003, with existing customers receiving an automatic update if their existing application is under warranty or they have an Automatic Software Upgrade (ASU) agreement.

Full details of the new application will be featured in the January/February issue of Image & Data Manager magazine. To subscribe click here.